#30daysofVue - Day 25 - More on Reactivity

Today I studied a bit more about Reactivity in Vue. I wanted to know more about when does it fail and how to fix that.

Reactivity doesn't work for dynamically added properties for an object.

And for arrays it doesn't work when:

When we directly set an item with the index, e.g. vm.items[indexOfItem] = newValue

When we modify the length of the array, e.g.vm.items.length = newLength

We can fix this by using Vue.set or this.$set to add new properties to the objects. Or if we are adding multiple properties, we can return a new object with properties from both the original object and the mixin object:

// instead of `Object.assign(this.someObject, { a: 1, b: 2 })`
this.someObject = Object.assign({}, this.someObject, { a: 1, b: 2 })

Similarly for arrays

we can also use thevm.$set instance method, which is an alias for the global Vue.set:

vm.$set(vm.items, indexOfItem, newValue)

To deal with caveat 2, i.e. to modify the length of the array, we can use splice:


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