#30daysofVue - Day 27 - Introduction To NuxtJs

Today I learned about Nuxt JS. Nuxt is a framework based on Vue.js used to create modern web applications. It uses Vue.js official libraries like vue, vue-router and vuex along with powerful development tools like webpack, Babel and PostCSS.

From the official docs:

Nuxt is a framework designed to give you a robust architecture following official Vue guidelines. Incrementally adaptable, it can be used to create from static landing pages to complex enterprise-ready web applications.

Versatile by nature, it supports different targets (server, serverless or static) and server-side rendering is switchable.

Extendable with a robust module ecosystem, it makes it easy to connect your REST or GraphQL endpoints, favourites CMS, CSS frameworks and more. PWA and AMP support is only a module away from your Nuxt project.

NuxtJS is the backbone of your Vue.js project, giving structure to build your project with confidence while being flexible.

Nuxt offers the following features:

  • Features
  • Write Vue Files (*.vue)
  • Automatic Code Splitting
  • Server-Side Rendering
  • Powerful Routing System with Asynchronous Data
  • Static File Serving
  • ES2015+ Transpilation
  • Bundling and minifying of your JS & CSS
  • Managing <head>element (<title>, <meta>, etc.)
  • Hot module replacement in Development
  • Pre-processor: Sass, Less, Stylus, etc.
  • HTTP/2 push headers ready
  • Extending with Modular architecture

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