#30daysofVue - Day 5 - Directives ( v-on, v-bind, v-if, v-show)

Today I learned about some directives ( v-on, v-bind, v-if, v-show) that we use in Vuejs.

V-on used for event handling, binding an event to an HTML element, create event listeners within the DOM to enable us to do something when a particular event happens.

Eg. click, dblclick, submit, keydown, keyup etc.

Shorthand for v-on is @ eg v-on:click=“functionName” can be @click=“functionName”

V-bind is used to bind data to standard HTML attributes like href, id, src, etc. Where we cannot use moustache syntax.

Shorthand for v-bind is : eg v-bind:src=“data property” can be :src=“data property”

V-if and v-show are two conditional directives, v-show always render the component but keeps it hidden until needed, can be used for toggling some HTML.

V-if renders the HTML only if the condition is true.

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